NGL Originals Full Liner notes

No Grass Limit - Originals is NGL's first all original album recorded and produced in Nashville at Randy Kohrs Slack Key Studio's. 


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Shackles Liner Notes


Shackles was originally written in 3/4 time. In a creative moment while preparing for the album, Sandi changed the time signature to 4/4 time and made the tempo faster. Shackles is about a woman who suffers the tragedy of spousal abuse and needs to break the chains. No one condones violence in any manner; if you are being abused or know of someone who is being abused we encourage you to get help.



Lead Vocals: Sandi Millar
Harmony Vocals: Clint Birtzer, Chuck Millar
Banjo: Mike Hedding
Lead Guitar: Clint Birtzer
Fiddle: Chuck Millar
Bass: Vaughn Asselstine
Percussion: Mike Radovsky
Rhythm Guitar: Dustin Benson
- Courtesy of Compass Records




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