NGL Originals Full Liner notes

No Grass Limit - Originals is NGL's first all original album recorded and produced in Nashville at Randy Kohrs Slack Key Studio's. 


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Fallen Man Liner Notes


Chuck and Sandi’s daughters were reading a novel called Fallen by Lauren Kate. After seeing the title of the book, Chuck imagined what the book was about and wrote this song.  The thought behind the song is a man who's wife left him and took the kids with her, then his tail of sorrow unfolds as he walks alone along the the rails forever to be heartsick and lonely. 



Lead Vocals: Chuck Millar
Harmony Vocals: Sandi Millar, Clint Birtzer
Banjo: Mike Hedding
Mandolin: Chuck Millar
Lead Guitar: Clint Birtzer
Bass: Vaughn Asselstine
Percussion: Mike Radovsky
Rhythm Guitar: Dustin Benson
- Courtesy of Compass Records



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