“No Grass Limit knows just what their fans want
to hear and
deliver on all counts: superb
musicianship, soaring vocals and

great tunes. Highly recommended.”

“Gary Cobus, President, Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association, Minneapolis, MN"

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“The sky's the limit when measuring the talent of No Grass Limit. They are quite possibly the best “bluegrass and beyond” band to come out of the Twin Cities in years. When Chuck Millar picks up the fiddle, everyone hopes the rafters are secure!”

Martha Galep, Director, Harvest Jam Bluegrass Festival, Minneapolis, MN and Co-Organizer, ‘Grass On The Chippewa Festival, Durand, WI.

“The group has a new sound, but old heads will go for it. No Grass Limit should have a great run.”

Phil Nusbaum, Host, “Bluegrass Saturday Morning”, KBEM FM, Minneapolis, MN

“They perform with outstanding energy and passion. I have never seen this award-winning band disappoint the crowd!!”

Doug Lohman, Sound engineer, Armadillo Sound, Minneapolis, MN

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No Grass Limit Records new CD Project in Nashville with Grammy Award winning Engineer Randy Kohrs

Release the CD Project in July 2014.  No Grass Limit has already recorded all the songs in Nashville January 28th through Feb 2nd, 2014.  Randy Kohrs is currently in the process of mixing and mastering the album.

You can help be a part of the new album buy going to our Kickstarter C.

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In June of 2011, the Minneapolis based musicians decided to form a band that would push the boundaries of bluegrass to an award-winning degree. They succeeded. Just five months later, No Grass Limit topped a field of bands to win the Race For A Place band contest sponsored by the Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association in November.

The band’s winning performance came as no surprise to the many fans they have acquired playing festivals, clubs and shows in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

As the festival season slowed in the winter of 2011, No Grass Limit headed into the studio to begin recording a much awaited CD. It promises to highlight the original songwriting, innovative vocal arrangements and masterful instrumentation that goes into every No Grass Limit live show.

A large part of the appeal of No Grass Limit is their skillful weaving of
traditional and original songs. Fiddle/mandolin player Chuck Millar, guitarist/singer Sandi Millar, banjo player Graham Sones, all veteran bluegrass musicians, join forces with newcomer Ron Wiese on bass to play tunes that reflect their varied yet cohesive approaches to bluegrass and related music. Audiences are as likely to hear Graham’s take on the old classic “Til The End Of The World Goes Round” as they are Sandi’s eclectic version of the obscure “Goldmine”.

Chuck and Sandi are crafting tunes that respect the bluegrass genre but avoid sounding like just another country tune. Chuck and Sandi’s songs defy their youthful outlook and show a wisdom and cleverness that one expects from songwriters twice their age. With such skillful songwriting, it is no wonder that this group has endeared itself to the traditional crowd as well as the younger set. After all, why play all covers of great tunes when you have a great writers in the band?



Festival organizers, club owners and event promoters have found No Grass
Limit to be acutely in tune with their audiences and able to deliver a show
tailored to the unique tastes of various crowds. Whether playing to a traditional, all-ages bluegrass festival audience or a rowdy club crowd, No Grass Limit selects tunes that respect the audience’s tastes and preferences. With a vast arsenal of selections to suit any crowd, the band has become a favorite at festivals and is consistently asked back to play future dates.

The members of No Grass Limit are also music instructors and their experience with teaching, songwriting and contest winning have shown them to be valuable assets at concerts and festivals that feature workshops on many related topics. They bring to each venue their many years as performers as well as instructors and have found their skills in these areas make them ideal jam hosts when not on stage. It takes a certain groove to successfully host a jam session with various players of different skill levels and No Grass Limit always brings out the best in those they play with.

2012 will have the band dividing their time between performing, recording and teaching lessons to students of all levels. They will be returning to many of the venues they played their first season to the delight of fans that have faithfully followed their progress. No Grass Limit is currently scheduling engagements for 2012 and 2013 in a wide variety of venues throughout the Midwest.








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